Posted on Jul 08, 2019
President Renate called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Steve Propatier led the singing.
Renate read the Invocation.
All recited the Four Way Test.
There were 13 members in attendance, and 1 Guest Speaker.
  • President Renate announced the August meetings will be August 5 and a Club Assembly on August 19.
  • Induction for new member Rachel Sowersby will be at the next meeting - July 22
  • A Million Dollar Meal will be held on September 23
  • Steve gave an update on the Golf Tournament and thanked those who gave sponsorships or T=signs.  He also thanked those working on the committee.
  • Valerie mentioned that both the District and RI have upped the dues, so people that have already paid the $142 will have to pay a bit more
  • Valerie asked those who had not voted for the Bulletin name to do so before the end of the meeting and the bulletin will be sent out

All joined in singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Scott Haggerty

  • Jennifer Hyde - Two happy bucks for the Guest Speaker and for a great Fourth of July, with fireworks on her street
  • Valerie Perry - Three happy bucks for the Guest Speaker, for Lori's retirement, and for installing the officers of the Westerly Rotary Club
  • Pat Bettencourt - One happy buck for missing a couple of meetings but did make the Golf meeting
  • Renate Alexander - One happy buck for the Speaker
  • Christina Sorensen - One happy buck for the Speaker
  • Allen Gilmore - Four happy bucks for four dollars worth of happiness
  • Scott Haggerty - Two happy bucks for the Red Sox and two happy bucks because his son's team got beat, so his summer can begin
  • Dan Silva - One happy buck for the speaker and one sad buck for the Boston Bruins loss to the St. Louis Blues
  • Mike Squatrito - One happy buck for spending yesterday surfing with the family
  • Tom Foley - One happy buck for the speaker and one for the women's soccer team, who won the 4th World Cup
  • Steve Propatier - for all the golf tournament volunteers and sponsors
  • Will Francis - for being reminded of the St. Louis Blues win, and for a great Fourth of July in Maine
At our last meeting, there were two cards left - the Ace of Spades and one other card.  Ted Fogarty's number was called, and he got to draw - and drew the wrong card!! 
This week, we started with a full deck, and asked the Guest Speaker, Michael Wish, to draw the winning ticket.  When Will explained to him that if his number was drawn and he drew the Ace of Spades, he would win $50.  Michael said if he won, he would return the $50 to the Club.  
Michael drew the ticket …...drum roll.....- and lo and behold, he drew his own number.  All 52 cards were spread out before him and ……………………drum roll....……….You Guessed It!!!  What were the odds??  His reaction was priceless!
Michael lived up to his promise and gave the $50 back to the club :)