Renate Alexander led the Pledge of Allegiance 
Ted Fogarty and Steve Propatier led the singing
Ella Donnelly gave the Invocation
Steve Henderson led the Four Way Test
13 members present
Board meeting will be held after the holiday
Holiday Social event will be planned for December 27
Happy Bucks
Valerie Perry collected Happy Bucks. 
David Kent - HB - yesterday was his 29th Anniversary
Ted Fogarty - 2 HB for the Red Sox and the lucky Patriots
Steve Propatier - 2 HB -for the mark on his face which were caused by his latest procedure, and for hoping that the doctor will tell him he can cut back on some of his meds
Joe Kumiega - HB that the hurricane will stay off shoreHH
Allan Gilmore - something was very well done (couldn't make it out - sorry Allan)!!
Ella Donnelly - ​​​​​​HB about a Friendship poem: There are good ships, there are wood chips, there are ships that sail the sea; but the best ship is friendship, and may it always be!
Helen Siravo - HB for Steve being here with us
Renate Alexander - 2 HB - for the wonderful friendships and great being here
Scott Haggerty - 2 HB for Steve
Pat Bettencourt - HB - when she wants to have a good laugh, she calls Renate
Tom Foley - 2 HB for great weather, Steve, and the Patriots
Valerie Perry - 3 HB for Steve, went with Betty and her daughter to Al's Place on the Waterfront because Pat Benetar was cancelled; will be spending all next week in Narragansett with her granddaughter
Allan Gilmore - 5 HB - 1 for Steve and 1 for his birthday; the tradition of birthdays started with his father who had the birthday rules that if you had a birthday, you were supposed to contribute $1 for your birthday - just a little club history!
Tom Foley drew the Ace of Diamonds, missing out on the $50 jackpot.
Today' meeting was a club assembly.  
The first topic discussed was the meeting location.  One of the problem we are facing is that we are being charged for 18 meals and there are time when we have only 10-12 members present, and it is dwindling our treasury.  Another item discussed was the possibility of having two meetings in the evening, giving those that cannot attend an afternoon meeting the opportunity, and perhaps being able to recruit new members.  Steve Propatier volunteered to call the Grist Mill to see if they have a room available.
Another idea is to meet on Tuesday evening for a social on the weeks with Monday holidays, and the months with five weeks, to perform a service project.  
Once decisions are made, club bylaws will have to be updated.